Notable Projects:

Compression Molding Press - Sorbilite, Inc. Reynold's Metals Flexible Packaging NASA's ALDF Project

Aircraft Landing Dynamics Facility - A high profile project used to test Space Shuttle Landing Gear & Tires. Designed FIFO buffering interface between microwave link, PCM Decommutator and HP 9000 Series Computer. Early tests viewed by Vice-President George H. Bush.

Bagless Membrane Press- Sorbilite, Inc.   NASA's National Transonic Facility

Project Manager, Design Engineer of Custom Wind Tunnel Parameter Large Scale LED Display to MODCOMP Process Monitoring Computer. Installation was performed without need of modification.

Recycling of Waste Plastics & Fiber/Rubber- Sorbilite, Inc. High Tension Polymer Insulator Crimp Controls with Intelligent Motion Control, Profile Control. Finn Power Crimper.

NGK Polymer Insulators
Virginia Beach, VA


Ride Quality Meter - Wyle Labs.

Assisted Engineers in Building & Testing of  Device Used to Give a Decimal Value to Ride Quality of Vehicles  based on an algorithm


  Machine Vision Integration

ARS Manufacturing
Virginia Beach, VA


Assigned Duties of Tunnel Support Engineer for NASA's Full Scale (30X60) Wind Tunnel
  Lillian Vernon Automated Trash Conveyor/Compaction