UNDER CONSTRUCTION ! Joseph Charles Hornbrook

Technical Expertise
UL-508 Certified
CE Certified
Allen-Bradley Systems Integrator
Title 4

Skills and Experience

Royce Automation
Sorbilite, Inc.
Atlantic Industrial Controls
Aldridge, Inc.
Purvis Systems
Wyle Laboratories
Esoteric Engineering

Notable Projects



 Joseph C. Hornbrook
5314 Grand Lake Crescent
Virginia Beach, VA 23462


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10+ years experience in Electrical Controls Engineering , Project Management, Department Management with emphasis in the following disciplines:




PLC systems Design, Installation, and Repair Panel Design/Layout
PLC Ladder Logic Programming Panel Fabrication
Systems Integration Serial Communications (RS-232, RS-485)
Embedded Systems Technical Writing
HMI (Human Machine Interface) Sales Engineering/Technical Representative
Platen Process Heating Control Computer Networking
Thermal Transfer Systems  
Compression Molding Systems  
Thermoplastics Adhesion/Painting  
Thermoplastic/Fiber Composites